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Summer of 2023 - LOTS more discoveries made in LSD.  More places to play, places to eat, places to do stuff and places to do nothing.  We really do love it here....and yeah, our next move will be in an URN!

May2023 - We discovered the NEWLY OPENED Twin Branch Winery in Milton...and started singing there.  It has such a comfortable feel both indoors and out...friendly folks and lovely wines.

April 2023 - And so it begins again...back in the saddle for our FIRST job in the FIRST State at Hooked Up Ale House & Raw Bar in Millville.  Great venue!

February 2023 - Bought a nice home in "Lower, Slower, Delaware" (LSD) with a great studio/reherarsal space and a spacious garage for quick loading and unloading of gear...and nothing against lakes but it's so nice being back to living near a proper shoreline!  It's only February and we've already got our umbrella and beach chairs in the car...

November 2022 - Landed in our "temporary" residence in Delaware...the FIRST state!  Looking for a "permanent" place to grow roots again.  And it's nice being much closer to our families in NY, NJ and CT.

October 2022 - Our Nashville condo went on the market, offer made, offer accepted and SOLD! (to a very fine Bass player and singer who is currently on a nation wide tour!)

July 2022 - We're VERY EXCITED that NSAI (The Nashville Songwriters Association International) is BAAAACK with LIVE-IN-PERSON workshops and pitches and more.  Let the networking begin!

July 2022 - Séan is kicking off a 615 ChuTNey Singer Songwriter Series which runs Monthly on the second Tuesday of the month.  Come on out and see the local talent..and if you're interested in performing, just let me know!

May 2022 - Did we mention that Séan joined a 5 piece ukulele band..."Nashville Uke Groove": bass uke, two soprano ukes, a baritone and a bari-hybrid that Séan plays...and we all sing!  We're headed down South as a featured band at the Alabama Ukulele festival in Guntersville.

April 2022 - We're now working at Central Bar + Kitchen at the Nashville Marriott at Vandy ...getting closer to B'way every day!

January 2022 - We're Baaaaaack!  Performing in our new TN home neighborhood in Bellevue, Nashville, TN!  Check our our HOME page for dates and times!

December 2021 - So this COVID thing seems to be opening up a bit...and so are the local performance opportunities...and we are SOOOO looking forward to be back in the saddle again!

 March 2020 - So we decided to make things PERMANENT down here and bought a 3 bedroom condo (Ok, so it's two bedrooms and a music studio...but who's counting) in Nashville...on the west side in Bellevue.  We have space so come on down!

 July 2019 - Kelley got a job transfer to Nashville, TN - MUSIC CITY, USA!  And Séan took an earlier than expected "retirement", joined NSAI and has taken up an the avocation to become a young professional to follow!

 December 2018 - We are grateful to Julie and Joe at Julie's Cup of Joe in Westbrook for allowing us to rehearse LIVE on Sundays from 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.  Do stop by for a great cup of coffee and a few tunes to wake you up on a lazy "off season" Sunday!

 November 2017 - It is with great sadness that we spread the news of the passing of Wayne D'Amico...musician and our dear friend.  Today we are uncertain how to continue musically.

 July 2017 - Kelley and Séan moved to Westbrook AND our eldest daughter got the same month.  Note to self: DO NOT EVER do that again!

 January 2011 - Séan is getting back into songwriting...or actually songfinishing.  ("Songs are so easy to start and take so darn much time to finish.")  He's working on one for Jackson Hill aka the Kara and Zach Band...also getting the home studio back in service to get some demos and recording done.

 December 2010 - We had a FABULOUS holiday season.  Christmas Eve open house was a smash with more treats from Czapiga's in Meriden, CT.   And a special THANK YOU goes out to Robbie DeRosa of "Homegrown" on WESU radio (88.1FM) for annually playing "Traditions of our Own" from the Connecticut Songwriters Association 1999 Holiday Sampler CD.

 August 2010 - There are sailors, there are boaters and then there are floaters...and we are floaters.  Note to self: Get the boat out of the slip this month.  I just found the GPS...but I can't find the manual.  And watching the "Twin Screw Video" is MUCH different than actually moving the boat.

 April 2010 - We had such a great time at the Meriden Daffodil Festival as the "longest running Daffodil Fest band without a contract".  Fifteen years is a LONG TIME and we're already looking forward to year sixteen in 2011!

 November 2009 - A new experience: it's a sad day when your boat comes out of the water...only 6 months left until May.

 May 2009 - BoatQuest 2009 completed...Silverton 34C is our "cottage on the water"!

 January 2009 - We're now working at MidState Medical Center as part of their music therapy program. Music has been shown to benefit cancer patients and survivors in profound ways, reducing stress and providing a welcomed distraction.  We are there on occasional Monday evenings from 5:30 until 6:30.

 December 5, 2008 - We were very pleased to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of "Repeal Day" with a special performance at Rosie's Café in Meriden.  "Repeal Day" was the end of Prohibition and the legalization of alcohol...thus creating a plethora of opportunities for both musicians and entrepreneurs alike.

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